NameJan Havicksz Steen
  • Function/TitleKonstnär
  • DatingLevnadstid: 1626-1679, Nederland, Leyden
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Lärjunge till Nicolaes Knupfer, Adriaen van Ostade samt Jan van Goyen. Gift med den sistnämndas dotter.

Jan Steen was born in Leiden in 1626. Litte can be said with certainty about his early life but he probably got his first education as a painter by Nicolaes Knupfer in Utrech and later by Adriaen van Ostade, before settling as an assistent to his soon to be father-in-law Jan van Goyen at The Hague in 1648. Steen and his wife Margriet stayed at the Van Goyen house until 1654 when they moved to Delft. There, Steen briefly got into the brewering business because of the unstable art market at that time, but with little success. What is often described as Steens most productive years came after his return to Leiden 1656 and during his stay in Haarlem 1660-1670. He then moved back to Leiden again where he stayed for the rest of his life., Titel: mästare