NameLucas Cranach
  • Function/TitleKonstnär
  • DatingVerksamhetstid: 1493-1552
    Levnadstid: 1472-1553, Tyskland, Kronach - Weimar
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Lucas Cranach the Elder is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential masters of the German renaissance. Born as the son of a painter in the town of Kronach, Cranach initially studied under his father before he left his hometown for various travels, most notably Vienna 1503-04. The single most important event in the progress from young artist to renaissance master came when he was summond to Wittenberg as court painter to Frederick III of Saxon in 1505, where the humanistic ideas of the times flourished. Wittenberg was also, from 1508, the home of Martin Luther who was named professor in theology at the new university, established by Frederick in 1502. This period of time that represented the breaking point between the old world and the new, driven by the ideas of the renaissance, was the foundation for the multiple expressions in the works of Cranach. His large numbers of portraits are often conducted in a realistic and naturalistic style. The same can be said regarding his , Titel: mästare