NamnAlexander Roslin
  • Yrke/Titelkonstnär
  • DateringLevnadstid: 1718-1793, Malmö, Paris
    Verksamhetstid: 1736-1793, Sverige, Italien, Frankrike
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Alexander Roslin was born in Malmoe, but early on left for Stockholm, where he studied under the painter Georg Engelhard Schröder for five years from 1736. There are no records of under whom Roslin continued his studies after he left Sweden in the early 1740s but most likely they where conducted under the supervision of the director of the French Academy in Rome Jean Francois de Troy during the late 1740s. Of great importance to his future career was his stay at the court of Parma in 1751, where he made the necessary connections for his move to Paris one year later. Roslin got elected to the French Academy of Art in 1757, and made himself known as the portrait painter of the French and foreign aristocracy in Paris during the third quarter of the 18th century. Alexander Roslins style of painting often tries to visualize the aristocratic ideals of grace and elegance., Titel: mästare