NamnWillem van der Velde d.ä.
  • Yrke/TitelKonstnär
  • DateringVerksamhetstid: 1631-1693
    Levnadstid: 1611-1693, Holland - England, Leyden - Greenwich
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As the son of a Flemish captain, Willem van der Velde had a close connection to the marine environment since birth. There are no records of under whom or during what period of time he conducted his studies, but judging by his first signed and dated drawing from 1638, he must have been practising his art for several years. During the 1640s and 50s he travelled with the Dutch fleet as an independent observer, executing many works of Dutch ships at various locations. In early 1673 van der Velde moved to London together with his eldest son (known as Willem van der Velde the Younger) as a result of the chaotic times caused by the French invasion of the Netherlands in 1672. There he entered the service of Charles II as court painter of naval battles. Willem van der Velde was technically inventive and introduces many innovations which affected both the style and expressive content of his pictures. He is especially known for his pen drawings, known as grisailles, but also worked in a more trad, Titel: mästare